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Prospera Real Estate Collective is a real estate

development and consulting company based in

Miami, FL. Prospera exists to do its part in

housing and building vibrant communities.

Prospera exists to realize long-sought visions,

driven by good old-fashioned grit.

Prospera Real Estate Collective is a real

estate development and consulting

company based in Miami, FL. Prospera exists

to do its part in housing and building vibrant

communities. Prospera exists to realize

long-sought visions, driven by good old-

fashioned grit.

Ellen C. Buckley

Founder & CEO

Ellen C. Buckley is the Founder & CEO of Prospera Real Estate Collective, LLC, a real estate development and advisory company based in Miami, FL. Prospera was founded to better the future for all generations through innovation, vision, and execution.

Ellen’s career in the real estate industry has spanned 29 years on projects in the Midwest, Northeast, Southeastern US and Asia. Ellen was 14 years old when she first learned about real estate transferring deeds as an after-school job in Ohio. When she was 17, she worked as a laborer for a construction company in her hometown as the only female on the crew. Most recently, Ellen was the Vice President, Director of Development for a leading South Florida development company Terra where she was part of the executive team managing the execution of approximately $6 billion in real estate development projects. In total, she has led the execution of projects in multiple asset classes, including multifamily, office, retail, mixed use, industrial, education, adaptive reuse, and master planned communities approximating $16 billion of real estate value to date. She thrives on challenges, thinks creatively, anchors analysis with data, and employs collaboration to execute every project she undertakes. She possesses the ability to think big picture and break it down into executable parts which enables short term execution and long-term strategic planning.

She holds graduate degrees from the University of Pennsylvania earning a Certificate of Real Estate Development and Finance from The Wharton School and a Masters of Science in Historic Preservation, and a Bachelors of Architecture from the University of Miami, where she graduated first in her class.

Ellen’s Story

On construction site

I grew up in Ohio and started working in the real estate world when I was 14 years old. I worked for my grandfather’s law firm processing closing documents at a time when all transactions were recorded by hand in an indexed leather-bound book. When I was 16, I interned for an architecture firm in Washington DC doing build-outs for Class A office spaces like Cushman & Wakefield and American Medical Association offices. I still remember rushing to finish up the AMA offices for President Bill Clinton to arrive and give a speech. When I was 17, I asked the local contractor in my hometown to take me on as a laborer for the summer. I was the only female in the company (besides the bookkeeper). I floated concrete, I framed up house additions, I framed, taped, and mudded drywall.

After high school, I attended the University of Miami where I majored in architecture with a minor in Spanish, spent a semester living abroad in Rome, and graduated first in my architecture class. Upon graduation, I moved to the northeast where I lived in Philadelphia working as a young architect. I worked on multiple asset classes, including transportation projects, churches, apartment buildings, museums, governmental buildings, and academic buildings along the northeastern corridor. Within two years, I concluded I wanted to be on the owner’s side to control the budget and decision making.

Passionate about building vibrant communities

Seeking to advance my knowledge of the business, I returned to graduate school at the University of Pennsylvania where I attended the School of Design and Wharton for real estate finance and development. From Wharton, I went straight into real estate development and never looked back!

Out of Wharton, I managed the development of a 432-acre, $150M master planned community off Philadelphia’s Main Line working with The Rouse Group and a family office investment group. I learned firsthand the power of political engagement, community outreach, financial restructuring in the midst the 2008 economic crisis, and master plan, big picture thinking.

In 2010, I moved to Asia. While managing the master planned project back in Philadelphia, I engaged in real estate projects in Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur. This work fortified my understanding that each culture and location requires distinct, locally-rooted ways of executing projects to be successful.

I moved back to Miami, welcomed two sons into the world, and began working with Terra, a recognized South Florida developer. I started on a complex phased project called Park Grove designed by Pritzker-prize winning architect OMA Rem Koolhaas. It was a two-phased, 3-tower luxury condo project with ground floor retail/food & beverage, a total of 1.5 million gross square feet.

Envisioning the future of a project

I led development for Terra as Vice President, Director of Development and, during my tenure, managed the development team to execute approximately $6 billion of real estate projects with focus on acquisition through start of construction. Some examples of these projects include:

  • Grove Central (urban core transit-oriented development with 402 apartments and 100k retail sf; public private partnership),
  • Grand Hyatt Miami Beach Convention Center Hotel (800 key hotel; public private partnership),
  • Five Park (48-story 285-unit luxury condo residences, 3-acre park, signature pedestrian bridge; public private partnership),
  • Centro City Residences and Retail (300k sf retail center and 1200 market rate residential units)
  • Natura Gardens (approx. 400 garden style apartment master planned community)
  • Upland Park (47-acre transit-oriented development with 1700+ units, 560k sf retail/commercial, 120 hotel keys; public private partnership)

On these projects (and more), I took a lead role in the due diligence, creation of business plans, budgets, design, securing entitlements and permits, RFPs, community outreach, governmental relations, agreement negotiations, coordinated financing and loan closings, daily management of the projects, and whatever was required to successfully execute.

That brings us to now. I founded Prospera Real Estate Collective. Where Prospera goes and the impact it makes in today’s arenas of real estate will be strictly conditional upon my imagination combined with the imagination of those who partner with me. And no small amount of grit.

I begin with a core belief: Deep within us there are visions, many of which we are afraid to undertake. They take us too far into the unknown; they are for others to chance. But those visions stay with us. They let us see properties that reconnect people, restore neighborhoods, close out isolation. They permit us to envision properties that could reintegrate the elderly and the workforce, reinvigorate communities, restore self-esteem and happiness.

Prospera exists to do its part in housing and build vibrant communities. Prospera exists for it and its partners to no longer be afraid. Prospera exists to explore the boundaries of vision, driven by good old-fashioned grit.

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